Sunday, June 20

Iligtas mo kami sa lahat ng mga chaka

Little Bombers 2:
Lord Save Us from Kachakahan

I don't know if it's something in the air or in the water, but really, everything is just so dreary right now. Fellow dungeon dweller B and I agreed about that, since he elected to just stay home with a recently unearthed half a bottle of vodka. Dreary, I tell you. Since I got hit by tamaditis (Do I blame Ka Pete?) I didn't have the energy to trudge all the way to Libis for the Fete. Malate was out of the question, and going to Mega for the Pink thing just wasn't worth it. So hung around in Greenbelt and learned that the French Film Festival moved to Greenbelt 1 and that Sex is Comedy was showing last night. So that's where we went. I don't know why the French are so fond of that French ending (like duh, di ba?) S(ex)I(s)C(omedy) is like that, but it's not funny at all, it only has its moments. We liked the part with the fake dong. It must be the only bright spot of that movie. Yes, yes, I know it's a philosophical blah with ruminations on the self and how difficult it is to shoot a sex scene. Oh hell so sue me. But it wasn't all that bad. Managed to score this:

yey i'm a fangirl na naman!

Chuck P's Fugitives and Refugees from the bargain bins. Hardcover too. This is from the book's description:
Want to know where Chuck Palahniuk’s tonsils currently reside?
Been looking for a naked mannequin to hide in your kitchen cabinets?
Curious about Chuck’s debut in an MTV music video?
What goes on at the Scum Center?
How do you get to the Apocalypse Café?
I will have to content myself with this because when I went to Powerbooks Live!, the trade paperback edition of Lullaby was just so damn expensive. Now I have to find Geek Love, since he refers to it quite a lot.

Back to the sludge report, I suspect that things turned a downward spiral since the event of the girl reading from the Corinthians in that Living Out Loud gig. For chrissakes hasn't she learned from Mandy Moore? Mag-"love is patient, love is kind" ba? Dapat yun binasahan nito. Then there was that guy who almost burned the entire area with a reading of Uniberso with matching jumping up and down. When somebody brought in the flowers and the birds, we knew it was time to step out.

Nevertheless, we've been haunted by the spectre of Chinchin Gutierrez. While repairing to the Breton after the SIC movie, she was all there in the weekend papers, with news that her Uyayi album is now being played in French radio stations. There really must be something in the water.

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