Friday, June 28

Yes, yes, we're living in a postmodern world with its pluralities and all, where truth is like the many versions of the same thing (as in Rashomon), but this is not a mere plurality or a confusion, it's a frigging royal f**k up. One day you're the Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines and you hold the most important cabinet post in the land. Ten seconds later, you watch the tv news and find out that you resigned from your post and it's being offered to somebody else. Wtf? They can't just claim a mix-up. It's the bloody political machine rolling out early. It's still 2002, or did the calendar change already?

And this is from the sci-fi section: Some very nasty elements out there are in possession of highly toxic radioactive materials. Finally, some ingenuity from our routinary underworld. I'm getting tired of reading about cellphone snatching and corruption. Perhaps some masterful villain out there is preparing for world domination. Or else s/he just wants to make some radioactive sago and gulaman. Care to pass me the Iridium 192, Cesium 137 and Americium 241?

But alas, even without the radioactive thing, we might still end up mutants down here in Manila. Apparently, our mayor can be talked out of busting the petrol bullies. He signed an MOA which allows the petrol companies to continue their operations in Pandacan for six more months, on a reduced basis. I realize that the depots contribute to the economy of the town, and a lot of employees will be displaced. As one gas worker put it: "We push oil barrels. We are not graduates of De La Salle or Ateneo. Taga-UP lang. UPian ng lata." But consider the consequences. Jobs can be created without putting the whole town in danger of being torched down. Now that, Mayor Atienza, is the real challenge you must be willing to answer.

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