Wednesday, June 12

I have zero brain activity for the past week. As if you all wanted to know that. I don't have any thoughts of importance for this year's Independence Day celebrations. I will let other people do that for you.

Let's see, for the past week I've seen a grand total of six movies, 5 of which was from the French film festival at the Shang. I also saw Panic Room, which is so much like a one-act play: one setting, one particular time frame. I'll talk about it some other time. My brain refuses to function.

And oh yeah. I am happy today because I found this at the video store. Manhattan is absolutely one of my favorite Woody Allen movies. Woody Allen has been haunting me for the past couple of days.

News for those who take the train: the MRT stored value tickets now come in Php100 denominations. It's blue and has Ms. Macapagal's visage on it. She looks like an endorser for a laundry detergent. In fact, the back of the ticket has the logo of a laundry detergent. Do not mistake your tickets for discount cards.

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