Sunday, June 2

My life is becoming over run with short notices. Was out with a friend last Friday. We were planning to watch a movie, and walk around. But unfortunately, Makati traffic that day was so terrible I arrived a bit late, and the people were running around the mall for the midnight sale, and just when we had decided on what movie to watch, my friend's brother announced that their mom called and was expecting them home early. Drat. So instead of having the afternoon to our own, our plans have been junked by the big brother. And he's really the sort of big brother who can sometimes intimidate you. You know, works out and stern looking and all. Doesn't speak much. It's like having a chaperone around. And I'm not used to it. I don't have any older siblings and I don't go around telling them to go home. Hm.

Good kind of short notice: Hung out with the angas people for a sort of belated celebration of Dennis' birthday. We had dinner, shared stories, was entertained by the mere presence of Jol, watched television, slurped ice cream and brandy. [ Plain h2o for me. Ah. The pains of having tonsilitis. Anyway, don't forget to greet the old guy!

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