Saturday, June 22

Looks like my so-called vacation is going to be cut short next week. I stayed home yesterday with my mom, who wasn't feeling very well. (Whoa, 2 days in a row!) She's okay now. While I was trying to take a nap yesterday, I got a message from my headwriter asking me to call him immediately. Since the latest script I wrote was scheduled for taping yesterday, I was sort of worried that they needed a rewrite or something. It turns out that the other writer who'll be left in Manila and was scheduled to write the next script will be busy writing for another show. So could we trade slots? It's not like I could say no. It's more like, "I already have things scheduled for this weekend and would you mind if I do the darn thing next week?" To which he said okay. But it's not going to be a really rush thing, or so I hope. So I still have my weekend, and I intend to keep my appointments for next week and just squeeze work on the days I don't have anything scheduled. I'm still bummed I won't be going to HK, but then again maybe I'm not meant to go. Some other time, when I won't be asked to carry microphones and assist kids in learning their lines.

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