Saturday, June 22

Was fixing my things yesterday and found a couple of Youngblood articles that Marge clipped and gave me from over a month ago or something. As it is, I'm not too fond of "strawberry moments" and the other cruddy sentimental sap that crowds Youngblood these days. But I have an affinity for this one: No more "Macho I Love You's." The author makes a few points well taken. While it is cute (aww) to find guys with their S.O's tiny little handbags, I still believe in bringing your own stuff. Unless it is absolutely heavy. Guys who offer to carry bags and open doors can be sweet, but please not too much.

It's actually scarier to realize that you like someone and would want to be with that person, rather than being alone and self-sufficient. It takes a lot of guts to actually admit that to the object of your affection. People say "I love you" too much these days, when they're not exactly sure they mean it. I would rather hear a heartfelt "I really really like you." than a half-meant "I-you-know-you."

Holy crap, I'm turning sappy.

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