Thursday, June 6

This seems like something Manila can use: Be creative or die! [ cue evil laugh track ]

Yes, seriously, especially with the Manila Film Festival approaching again. I understand they want to showcase films of artistic value [ put your own equation here: sex + violence + rotting storyline = crap ], and I don't ever believe that. "Utang ni Tatang" seems interesting. "Super B" is well, another Booba, most probably. But what's the point in having the same pathetic movies over and over again? If they really want to have a city that breathes, and I'm not just saying clear the pollution, or put up another shiny gimmick place. Support a cultural and artists colony. Or something resembling that. Make poetry/literature/good cinema/music available to the people. For a reasonable price. People will be willing to shell out money for that. Or even better, have some of these for free. Then maybe we can start living our lives again.

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