Wednesday, June 19

No Fuss NonVacation Day One:

Woke up early today and devoured a very healthy breakfast consisting of potato chips (thin, crisp, the sour cream and onion kind) and coffee. Just all the nutrients I needed to clean my room. I now have soaped and scrubbed, dust-free floors. My desk is a wee bit neat. I threw out reams of paper which cannot be recycled anymore, plus I don't really want to see those ever again. And the phone doesn't have cobwebs on it. (Ewww.) My shoes are all arranged under my bed. I did my stretching exercises on the mat with Rufus Wainwright screaming from the speakers. Did e-mailing chores.

I was thinking of going to the Shang to watch some more French movies, then decided that I'd rather go to the good ol' UP Film Center. (Btw, their website looks different. Or is it just me?) They are holding a Chinese Film Week. Today's feature includes Zhang Yimou's Not One Less at 4pm (which I had already watched, but will watch again) and The Road Home at 7pm, which has Zhang Ziyi in it, pre-Crouching Tiger and Visa commercial days. Go check it out if you have time and you're in the Diliman area.

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