Thursday, June 6

The movie line up for the French Film Festival is out. You can check out the Alliance Francaise website, and go to their Events page. Or you can see the sched from Mark's page. I'm looking forward to Amelie* 8 Femmes de Francois Ozon (Virginie Ledoyen!), and I'm also asking all my favorite movie buddies to drop me a line. Which films will you be watching?

*Somebody has better explain to me why Amelie is not part of the general program for the film fest. So this means that if you are without an invitation for tonight's gala, you have no absolute chance in watching it? This is so bad. If only I weren't out of town when they showed Amelie over at Alliance a couple of months ago. Darn. The reason has better be good.

And there's no Taxi 2 either. You know what they say about beggars. No choose. No. Oh well.

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