Sunday, June 23

Just got back from this year's Fete de la Musique over at El Pueblo's. I didn't finish the entire thing because most of my friends already went home, and we were already tired. There was some rain earlier in the evening, which made it difficult to get there from Megamall, where we all met up. People were huddled under the awnings because of the rain, and nothing much has started yet, save for Makiling Ensemble in one little part of the Pueblo. So we repaired to a dark dingy little corner of Tequila Joe's, had some beer and nachos, and grooved to some reggae by Brownman Revival. That was fun, but when it was time to go out, the place was ultimately swamped. And the waiters didn't want to let us go, they held our bill hostage. Service in that place took forever, which meant that we missed Cynthia Alexander's opening act.

The main stage outside Racks saw some action at around midnight, and while we waited for that, the Coke Light people kept following us. Bugging us to try their new product. Which we accepted, then dumped someplace else.

Half of the people I know turned up at the Fete as well. There's Astrid, Mark and Petite(in their orange ensemble), Trixy, Shiloah with her brother Tom, some other people from school. Heck, even the camera guy from my old job was there. My friends and I waved like crazy. Yeah, like they'll actually use that part of the footage.

Then at 1 a.m. some of my friends went home. My other friend Jonnah and I tried to get into Sidebar where Barbie's Cradle was playing but it was packed tighter than a can of sardines. So we went to the bar next door, San Mig and listened to some jazz instead. We got this table way way back. Now I'm really bad at recognizing semi-famous celebrities, sometimes I even find it difficult to match names and faces of people I've already met. The table next to ours had this girl from the bar we go to for poetry readings. I think she sort of recognized me. (Ah, there goes the extremely naughty girl who giggles quite loudly. Zut.) Then my friend goes, "Hey, isn't that one of the Flower Pot Girls?" Of course I tried to look. Couldn't place her for several seconds. It is the Flower Pot Girl/Soap Opera Villain. But all I cared about at that moment was my still missing roast beef. My hunger goes first.

Half an hour later, I wasn't hungry anymore, and I even started to enjoy the music. THen I had to go to the bathroom and had to pass by the crowded bar. I was already yawning, and sort of bumped into this girl who was hanging at the bar. Sorry, crowded floors. Guess who it was? But before it actually dawned on me who that was, I was already halfway inside the bathroom. Darn. They went there right after their set. Well, I can always catch them in some other gig.

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