Tuesday, May 24

Want to say "weblog" in French ? Say Note Pad.

Loic le Meur informs us that we should stop saying "le blog" because the council has spoken.

Or rather, the Journal Officiel has given the official translation for the word "weblog": In French, it is "bloc notes," or literally, "note pad." The shortened version blog then translates to "bloc," meaning "pad."

Which also means that since everything in French is assigned a sexual dimension, the blog is masculine, i.e., "le bloc," the same way that the pen is masculine, i.e., "le stylo." Why is the blog a guy when it obviously can't hump anyone? I know, I know. It's all very confusing. So when you can't remember whether the blog is a guy or a girl, make like David Sedaris and go plural. Les blocs is just a notch up than a confused blog.

Oh well. You know how the French are. A bas des Freedom Fries. via.

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