Saturday, May 7

Queen of Mean Girls

Tina Fey, who wrote the screenplay of “Mean Girls” and is one of the headwriters for Saturday Night Live, is expecting her first child in September.

Until “Mean Girls,” the cinematic adaptation of the parenting book by Rosaline Wiseman, I wasn’t really exposed to Fey’s work since SNL isn’t really part of my viewing fare. SNL writers and comedians have their own turfs: the smart ass Harvard Lampoon group, of which Conan O’Brien might be the most recognizable right now; the Groundlings from L.A., from where Will Ferrell and Chris Farley started, and the Second City Chicago troupe which boasts of the Belushis, Dan Aykroyd and then, Tina Fey. But according to this New Yorker profile, Fey is credited for bringing back the oomph and the raunchiness in SNL, not to mention fighting for more center stage exposure for the women in the program. The profile also paints her as someone who’s not quite a prude, but would make most people think twice about themselves and what they’re doing.

Still Fey related:

Yearbook pictures are just the sort of thing that you don’t want to haunt you someday, but here it is. Tina Fey’s yearbook shot courtesy of TinManic.

Tangentially related: ABC News reports the results of a new study claiming that meanness in girls start as early as age 3.

And sadly, this sort of behavior doesn’t seem to disappear when you get past your adolescence. It can only get meaner from there, homeschool or no homeschool.

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