Tuesday, May 31

Chuck P's Haunted Interview

Check out the trees. Go Portland!

In this interview with Chuck Palahniuk about his new novel Haunted, he analyzes his fascination with narration, both in literature and in culture, and the relationship between the two. He points out the power of the storyteller in our times: "..[W]hoever the final narrator of our times, our culture, may prove to be, that person or entity wields a power that is central but hidden. It is the power to define our times and our culture, the power to define our lives."

The interview is available in both mp3 and Real Audio, although be warned that they're quite hefty and raunchy. So if you're no big fan of strong words (all the usual cusswords) and you don't have a strong computer (file is 32mb), maybe this is not for you.

lets us see the view from the camera behind the camera.

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