Friday, May 27

Gwen Punks a Prankster

Gwen of saturated text machine works for a big bad Western capitalist and spends her days and nights answering weird calls. But she pulls a fast one on this prankster who would only talk Shakespeare.
PC : No.I just want to read Shakespeare. Is that okay with you?
Me : I'm not really a fan of the classics. And if you're not making any reservation, I'd have to release the call now.
PC : Why, what's your high school GPA?
Me : (With a touch of confidence) 3.75!
PC : Ya kiddin' me. Whattya doin' on a telemarketer job with a 3.75 GPA?!!
Me : It's not telemarketing, It's Hotel.
PC : Where did you go to college?
Me : Columbia.
PC : Ya lyin' to me. You ain't goin to Columbia with a 3.75! No way!
Me : I did went to Columbia.
PC : So wanna hear Shakespeare?
ME : Nah, forget it. Come back when you hit Whitman. Have a nice day. Bye.
Whitman! Whitman's been getting a lot of bad rap already. Maybe you should go quote Mayer. Or beeter yet, Moore. Mandy Moore. Hehehe.

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