Tuesday, May 31

Asian Lesbians or Siths?

Nerve interviews first time filmmaker Alice Wu, who is being hailed as the poster girl for Asian-American lesbians with the debut of her film "Saving Face." Here's what she has to say on being gay and Asian: "I think a lot of people end up getting married and having kids because suddenly there's nothing to graduate from. One thing about coming out — your parents and Hallmark stop saying, 'You need to get married now.'"

When questioned by a male Canadian customs officer, Wu had to describe her opus as "an old-fashioned romantic screwball comedy." When the customs guy dismissed Wu's work as "chick stuff", Wu told him that he might think differently if he saw her lead actresses - "three beautiful women." The customs guy apparently considered this for a minute, then said, "I do like beautiful women. But no male leads? Where does the romantic part come from?" As though it's not possible to have a romantic comedy with an all girl cast.

I was reminded of this review I saw in a magazine that there's a smattering of Pinoy indie movies like Ang Lagusan (horrible) or that long winded movie (a little less horrible), and an entire selection of gay movies like Duda, Bathhouse, or Macho Dancer if you want to go back that far, but we hardly have anything about girls.

Which leads us to ask, "Yeah, where are all the girls?" Given a choice between girls or Siths, where will you throw your money?

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