Thursday, September 25

Wag the dog?

Preamble muna: The US Secret Service collared the Philippine Press Undersecretary on top of the Waldorf hotel in New York. Mr. Undersecretary was setting up a satellite dish for President Arroyo's interviews when the helicopter sighted him. "Hey Mister! What are you going to do with that dish?" "Hey, it's just sisig, man!" Hehehe. I wish.

And to indulge everyone's favorite issue of the week, here's the full transcript of Korina Sanchez's interview with Kris Aquino in TV Patrol last Wednesday night. All the quotable quotes are there! He aimed a very long gun at her! It was huge! It was grey! It was...hell, I don't know what this country's fascination with Kris Aquino is leading to.

Hmm..maybe someday, something good will come out of all this. Like maybe I can have a dissertation on the positive effects of Kris Aquino's love life crises on the macroculture of Philippine society or something. Yeah, maybe that's it. I should just major in Kris Aquino studies to compensate for all this showbiz rumor mongering. Trust this country to lap up all things showbiz and weird.


*Remember that movie? The one where they needed an issue to divert the population's attention from the presidential sex scandal, so they created a war that doesn't even exist. This whole Kris and Joey LQ thing can be Ping Lacson's conspiracy theory so the Jose Pidal issue can be killed and buried and never to be heard from again.

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