Thursday, September 18

Jaclyn Jose, bigyan mo ako ng lakas.

This is our weird blog item of the week. Totally brought me down the other night. Was exchanging those slum book type questionnaires again with some friends and one of the respondents was identified as "Jaclyn Jose." Of course, what are the chances that it is indeed the real Jaclyn Jose?

So it turns out that the email addy is from some guy I shared several classes with in college. Big hairy guy who's an ardent Jaclyn Jose fan. Said guy loves Jaclyn Jose so much that he went DIY (or "sariling sikap" as he would call it) He glued a photo of Ms. Jose on his mobile phone's housing, and somewhere in the back was proclaimed, like a graffiti of undying love: "Jaclyn, bigyan mo ako ng lakas!"

It's freaky in a way. But hey, if you got a fan like that, it must mean that he really really digs you.

[Too bad I can't find a photo of Ms Jose in her goddess days from her 80s films. Not even a decent facsimile of "Private Show" or something. Unless you want her blue haired and part of the cast of Labs Ko Si Babe. My favorite Jaclyn Jose movie is Tuhog. Her grieving widow was really just over the top.]

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