Wednesday, September 3

comics is now their weapon of choice?

More on the ever raging INC vs Ang Dating Daan mud slinging war. Apparently, ADD plans to sue INC for allegedly releasing a comic book featuring Brother Eli's "Buhay at Pag-ibig" and which shows him having sex with another man.

Got this from the journalista comics blog, which I found thru markmomukhamo! Have got to be careful now about acknowledging your sources. Remember what you learned from Comm II? Links are more important than ever. Especially now that the pinoy blogosphere is spewing brimstone and demanding the head of a supposed plagiarist. Dati term papers, thesis at stories ang nape-plagiarize. Ngayon pati blog na. I'm following this whole plagiarism issue from a safe space (kasi hindi ako na-plagiarize. *sniff* hehe).

What if, from Mark's supposition, what if this Keiko girl is actually challenging us to define the nature of a blog? All experiences, once out in the open world of the wide blue web, can be googled and is part of the free enterprise. We can read it, cut it up, shape it according to our own comprehension of it, and appropriate it for ourselves? I was reading this short story from Zoetrope, downloaded ages ago from Salon. "Literary Devices" proposes that the existence of an author may not be necessary for a story to exist. We don't own storylines. We can't patent the girl-meets-boy, boy-meets-boy, or girl-meets-dog storyline. All we need is some nifty algorithms, a wide base of stories, webpages from which all the story plots of the world can be grained, and voila! A story writing itself. Or maybe in this case, the blog is a collage of other people's experiences, cut and pasted for your entertainment. Except the experiment had gone wrong. Now there's going to be some serious plagiarist-hunting going on. Magkaroon kaya ng burning at the stakes?

And before you bloggers out there charge up here with cleavers, this is just kantogirl doing a Jonathan Swift. Grabe na ito. Gah, I am just wishing for [blog]world peace. Hehe.

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