Monday, September 8

Ayokong maging dukha!

Although the global rich list site says there are 5,126,375,321 people poorer than me, I still find that hard to believe. Because (a) that doesn't take into consideration that I earn in pesoses, and that's still way below the average GNP worldwide of what you can call a decent cost of living allowance, (b) as Jane Austen would say, I am in reduced circumstances and (c) I'm a brat who refuses to acknowledge that there are people starving in Africa.

Earlier today, I browsed the money section on inq7. Interesting articles on how to create your investment strategy. The other day, was talking with a friend and he was telling me that putting your savings in the bank actually devalues it because it's still the same amount and we have a higher inflation rate. I must be growing old. I don't want to think of *investments* especially since I learned that according to the article, I'm obviously not part of the Haves or the Getting Theres but still in the bulk of the population called Liquidity Savers.

Usually, all this talk about the money market, or anything that approaches Boiler Room parameters make my eyes glaze over. They still do, but now I try to understand this. Some months back, a friend who does real estate was explaining capital gains and whatever and how properties now cost upwards of php6m. I went like, Even if I broke my back working for ten years, that'll be way beyond reach.

Nathan thinks it'll be easy if you set your mind to it. He has 3 goals right now: Money, Muscles, and Writing. Easy enough. You want to get muscles, go to the gym. You want to make money, hustle. You wanna write, steel yourself. Now if only I can gather enough discipline to run after that. Gah, I hate it when you have to consider things like this. Walang ganyan sa Asteroid B-162.

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