Monday, September 29

Curse of the CL class

Edward Said is dead.

He died a day after I sat in an MA class in literary theory discussing the modernists and up. So while we were discussing Orientalism, it's possible that poor Mr. Said was wheezing with his last breath.

I think I should refrain from discussing people in comparative lit classes. It's like there's a curse on people discussed in CL class. They all die. Years back, in another CL class, the story of the little mermaid was brought up, and within the week, the statue of the mermaid in Denmark was decapitated. Item no 2: For some reason I now forget, Charito Solis was brought up. Within the week, she died and went to heaven. Feeling namin nun, pinatay namin si Ina Magenta. Worst guilt ever.

Ariel, Ina Magenta, and now Edward Said. Who's next?
Or maybe it was just a really horrible coincidence?


In this week's New York Times magazine, an interesting article on the evolution of the black sheep. And whether or not this is applicable to the current involvements of Kris Aquino.

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