Monday, September 22

Actually, Mr. Cruz, ang chaka ha.

Isagani Cruz gets his panties in a bunch over the excessively banal and trivial use of actually's and siya nga pala's and the proliferation of the bakla as comic relief in local showbiz. Everything noted with much disdain as he declares to have stopped using "actually" in daily conversations in fear that he might be construed as a showbiz denizen:
If you've watched local films often enough, you must now be familiar with the phrase, "Siya nga pala" that's always in the script. I don't know why, but the writers seem to believe that it is essential to every dialogue in the local dialect. It may also suggest that the actor does not think ahead but always remembers a thought only as it suddenly occurs to him. Everything is accidental and incidental.
Also, he decries the use of English in the opening and closing credits. Nga naman, why use "Starring" and "Directed by" when we can say "Itinatampok sina" or "Idinirehe para sa telebisyon ni" kung sino mang Poncio Pilato.

Quick, we have to find the correct translation to gaffer boy. Actually, that's going to be so mahirap because some technical stuff really don't have any direct translation in Filipino. It can be done, I suppose. Well everything just might be incidental. Who knew that I would actually click the link to Mr. Isagani Cruz's column on the wee hours of Monday morning and find an article denouncing the proliferation of actuallys and by the ways in showbiz?

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