Wednesday, September 3

I am hounded by three middle-aged men named Rene.

Saturday. Went to our alumni dinner and the batch coordinator was also some middle aged guy named Rene. He looked different from what I envisioned him to be while corresponding online. He's also makulit. He says I'm around the same age as his daughter who's studying in UST. Uhm, okay.

Last Sunday, I was at the Philippine Bookfair, minding my business at the CCP Booth and quietly watching the Pelikula documentary. This middle aged guy who was also watching struck up a conversation, asking whether I was a student, whether I'm from UP because only UP people would sit down and watch that docu feature voluntarily (eh?), and that he's a high school teacher from Southern California and if I happen to be in the area, would I come visit him? He's even inviting me to his mother's anniversary this coming Saturday at some hotel, with dinner. Uhm, no, I don't think so.

Do I have a post it on my forehead that attracts all the weirdos of the world to come and bugger me? I mean, I was minding my own business and I'm not getting in their way, but they find their way over to me. Gah.


Also at the Bookfair, went to the Goodwill stall and drooled over copies of "You Shall Know Us by Our Velocity!" which is Dave Eggers' new novel. I liked AHWOSG, and I'm curious about the new novel although reviews said it was like Amazing Race crossed with The Beach. I got a copy of the Alex Garland novel, but haven't read it yet. Anyway, I think Goodwill's books are more expensive. Kasi I saw their copy of Unbearable Lightness of Being. Powerbooks and National sells it for like p239, and Goodwill sells it for p500+. That's double the price. But they do have titles not seen in the other bookstores. Sana there's a Free Book Day tulad ng sa comics. Para mas masaya di ba?

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