Thursday, July 25

Things I Wish You Knew*

1. I like it when you take off your shoes when you’re driving.
2. Kermit and Kyle are okay. I think they deserve to rest after all the things I put them through. Thank you for asking.
3. Don’t be upset when I call you my Troy Dyer. Because I mean that in a very good way. Yes, I know it’s a Hollywood movie, and we’re no longer in the 90s, but hey, they have a neat soundtrack. Plus we can’t all be Winona Ryder.
4. You have this oddly endearing way of wiggling your eyebrows and smiling whenever there’s a pause in conversation.
5. I really don’t care if you’re 24, 31 or 17.
6. I’m already being sarcastic when I say “hope to see you in the current millenium.” I understand that we all have our different lives to live, and I don’t mind that. It’s just that sometimes I do want to spend time with you more than the five minutes it takes to walk from the grocery to the carpark. (Or should I erase this now? I guess I should. Hmm.)
7. I miss flirting with you.
8. I can never be as kikay as you might want me to be. I can only be myself. It takes effort to do all the girly things, and I’m afraid that I was born without the kikay gene. So you will have to bear with me.
9. There is no need to explain yourself to me. You don’t have to.
10. I wish we can be less formal. I enjoy goofing around, and I would like to see you laugh more often.
11. Ü, wala lang.
12. You look hot in leather pants, but you’re even more foxy (I think) when you’re wearing cargoes and sneakers.
13. Yes, sometimes I can be like that, and you wouldn’t know what hit you. I hope you don’t mind.
14. It’s not everyday that someone tells me “I’m listening to Brahms’ Adaggio, and I think of you.”
15. I’m not going to kick you or anything if you try to hold my hand. Really, I won’t.
16. I don’t like the word “settle.” I am here because I want to.

[borrowed from quantum tunnels, bottledbliss]

*I don’t know if you’ll be reading this. But just so you know that it’s not always that list going on in my head, okay?

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