Friday, July 12

Been trying to be productive but my brain refuses to cooperate. Tried sitting in front of computer fiddling with various unfinished writing stuff, no go. So I picked up books. I already gave up on Slaughterhouse-Five, As I Lay Dying and The Player. I can't even get past 15 pages of Adrian Mole. Brain still refuses to understand paragraphs. This reminds me so much of the time I had to read Joseph Conrad and Jane Austen for a class. Conrad for the constipated, ugh. I managed to plough through Heart of Darkness because I had to, and my paper was running late then. But Jane Austen? So I switched to videos. Snatch currently holds the "most watched title credits" award for me. I can't just get past the credits and the first several minutes. I just stare at the screen and watch their mouths move. And the accents just fly through.

The only productive thing I've done since the weekend was writing my resume. Yes, folks, I now have a resume. I never had to write one before.

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