Saturday, July 13

If you think going out this weekend is a great idea, think again. I just braved the winds and the high waters to get home this morning. I went to the booklaunch yesterday at the Vargas Museum in UP, and arrived there drenched. Surprisingly, the turnout at that event was very high. Well, good for them.

But the reason I braved the typhoons was because I was meeting up with the angas people for a little send off dinner for Astrid, who didn't catch the program at all. She is leaving for Thailand today for the puppet festival thingie with the Teatrong Mulat. We had dinner at Mang Jimmy's, whom we discovered to be a cool ponytail wearing guy. Dennis and Jol had to scoot someplace else. Astrid, Pepper, Arlyn, Butch and me repaired to Khas so we could be with the "night jam" girls. The servers there are very nice, and they wear nice floral patterned aprons which I really wanted to snatch so I could turn it into a skirt. But the tea was good, and we had a hoot trying to make go a guessing game which somehow ended up to the duo of Billy Joe[y de Leon?] and Kuya Germs. Fun, fun.

The rains were too much though. We could barely see past the headlights. Had to spend the night at Astrid's and helped her squeeze her tabo in her already bursting luggage. We started early today because she had to be at the airport by 11a.m. Well, good luck, girl. Hopefully Bangkok wouldn't be any wetter than this.

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