Thursday, July 25

It’s been a year of kantogirlblues. Since my first post, the E-heads now have a girl vocalist, Twisted is off the air now, my brother still attends this cult (or whatever he wants to call it) in Pampanga, and I dig Fight Club even more. I still get questions like “Why is your blog called kantogirl?” So I figured I’ll get it out of the way already, and see where things are at after twelve months of blogging.

Why kantogirl?
Because it’s better than “Up yours, dude” and more interesting than “This is my blog.” It’s like choosing a band name, only that I’m alone and I don’t play any instruments.

But seriously though, a kantogirl is what I aspire to be someday: streetsmart, capable of handling herself, kickass. My mother is a practical, smart woman. She didn’t want me to grow up school smart and yet unable to do simple things like frying an egg, doing the laundry, or that I’ll break into tears if I had the misfortune of getting lost and alone somewhere in the city. I can cook, do my laundry, and find my way back home. But I’m still way below the level of cunning that my mother wants me to achieve.

I also think it’s her way of compensating for the fact that I didn’t get to play with the other kids in the streets. I can’t ride bikes, I didn’t play Chinese garter, all my playmates were adults. I went to school at age 3. It’s a recipe for a wuss in the making. I don’t think she’d be happy if her daughter turned out to be one. Then of course, she’s also after me to behave a little more, uhm, girly. She used to say I walked like Robin Padilla, and it’s not a compliment. She’s happier now. I can stay upright on heeled shoes, walk up four flights of stairs and not fall flat on my face.

What’s the purpose of your blog?
Nothing. This is not where you can find the meaning of life, the answer to how to build a strong republic, or how to to make a decent flower arrangement. Nor is this the venue to gather chismis about the blogger’s personal life. I am not your salvation. Although if you insist on worshipping me and giving me lots of expensive stuff, I wouldn’t mind that either. I would want to gain notoriety though. In what way, I am still devising plans.

When you’re not blogging, what do you do to fill up your time?
I have a day job as a network hack. I don’t keep a 9-to-5 routine, nor do I sit in a cubicle. It’s more like a no-hours, all-hours sort of gig. For the past two years I’ve done a crime show, a drama anthology, with stints in a horror/comedy thing and a short lived Singaporean “dramedy” miniseries. Right now, I’m doing teen show. It’s more difficult to pull off than sex and violence.

But the job is necessary so I can do my other stuff, i.e., watch a lot of movies, read books, listen to CDs, prawl the net, walk around. I get together with my friends to watch more movies, eat out, drink lots of coffee and bitch about our lives. I do mundane, mindless stuff around the house like laundry and scrubbing floors. My life is boring. I drink milk. Sometimes I talk to cats.

If you would like to know more useless information than you actually need, drop me a line here.

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