Monday, July 1

I was listening to the AM radio [on RMN, I think] while having lunch this afternoon and their news for the hour was about the fleeing giraffe story I posted about a while back. It was weird hearing about it, in AM radio, and they sounded so serious. Well, it took them at least a few days to get that story covered.

I missed the Amelie screening this afternoon and ended up watching "A Walk to Remember." Amelie was nowhere to be found in Megamall and it's only Monday. And since I'll be out of town, shanghaied somewhere in the south, I dread that it'll be totally gone from the theaters by the time I get back. I like Mandy Moore better as a brunette, and she's not as annoying as Britney. Sappy movie, and so chaste. Mandy Moore gets everything. Plus, did anyone notice that when she told Shane West she's dying, because she has *gasp* leukemia, and a couple of scenes later, Shane West is knocking down his dad's door and tells him that his girlfriend's got cancer? I must have been bored.

My afternoon was redeemed by the "In the mood for love" trailer. Yay! I recognized the title credits and the ruins scene. So luscious. It's one of my favorite movies ever. I hope they'll be showing it real soon. In the meantime, check out the official website.

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