Monday, July 1

Thanks to all the people who liked my new layout. I'll tweak it some more when I get free time on my hands again. Maybe then I'll be able to install the blogback. Was waiting for hours for the opening at YACCS, then got absorbed surfing, when I checked the site again, they're over quota for the day already. Blech.

Btw, I really wasn't able to do anything of my to do list last Friday. I missed the Pinoybloggers EB, Batang Westside and the concert. Good slave worker me tried to finish her deadline by Friday night, and when I was finally done, was too tired to go out.

Saturday, I went to Malate to meet a friend. I like the Starbucks along Adriatico. It looks like a greenhouse. It's glass and green steel. Cozy place, with a garden outside. It was raining a bit, and my only fear was: Wouldn't the glass cave it if it poured harder? Malate was alive that afternoon because of the Pride March. Got to see some of the floats as they passed by the cafe. Later, I met up with some friends at Cafea in Puerta Isabel in Intramuros. We were the first ones to arrive in Sanctum for the Cynthia Alexander gig, and we had so much fun we were also the last ones to leave.

Then one of the girls offered us breakfast. I had no idea where we were headed. I was dozing off in Ross's van and freaked out a bit when I saw the "Welcome to Cavite" sign. But we didn't go to Cavite. It was still part of Manila. Man, I didn't realize it would be so far. We had breakfast and coffee and more talk. We left the place at around ten o'clock the next morning. Had lunch. Finally got home around noon, dozed off. For some reason, my instinct told me to grab my mobile phone. There was a message from one of the writers that last Sunday, June 30, was the tax deduction waiver thingie deadline. I had to rush to the network within the hour to beat it. So now I don't have enough sleep. I'm grouchy. Forgive me.

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