Saturday, February 26

Water, water everywhere

Christian Bale, baby!

Because it's such a hot afternoon and I'm bored out of my wits, I bring you Wet Men! All the wet men you can imagine! Whoever made it must have been bored (and very gay) enough to put together all the reasons why we should stay indoors on a day like this. In his words: "I can't help it ...I don't know why it is ...But can a man ever be too wet?"

Maybe not. The man on the site's front page is Christian Bale, soon to be Batman. What I'd do for a pic of that guy in his web rubber suit. Hahaha. There's Ewan McGregor, who is adorable even if he's not wet, barefoot, or bespectacled. This is my favorite Ewan shot:

Ewan is a very yummy bunny, hunny.

Other delights: Gael Garcia Bernal, wet. Gael Garcia Bernal, with spectacles. And even Gael Garcia Bernal, barefoot.

And oh, do look out for those wet hobbit boys. Nyar.

This is for Tita Arlyn; site found through Ian, who shows us how to live on a long weekend.

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