Wednesday, February 2

Win a date with Psychic Poet!

This goes out to all the girls (or guys) out there who are afraid to be alone this coming VD:

Psychic Poet (Not to be confused with psychicpants, although perhaps we can start such a campaign. Hehe.), 25 years old from Israel, is auctioning himself off for a "Magical Date," all expenses paid, this coming Valentines Day. The date includes "a Rose and a first copy of my Poetry Book "Legend Named Juli@".

Here's a glimpse of what's in store for you on that "Magical Date":
I promise not to take things fast,
I don't want to cause your heart to blast.
I'll listen to your words carefully,
considering tomorrow I may be writing my life story.

Romantic evening that I want to end on your porch,
as I kiss you good-bye and we start again to flirt."
Current bid at $8.50. O, ano pang hinihintay n'yo? Bid na!

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