Wednesday, February 16

Hello Kitty is not an alien

Sanrio supposedly commissioned Surface to Air to make an art work commemorating Hello Kitty's 30th anniversary. The crop circle can be found just outside of Stonehenge, and it took a month of planning and a grueling 16 hours of manual labor. They also had to rent the farm which was half the size of a football field for two months.

Gordon Hull of Surface to Air explains the choice of crop circle as commemorative art: "Our goal was to make something that would add to the mystique of Hello Kitty's origins, and at the same time work within the grandiosity of the Hello Kitty phenomenon (if you will). A crop circle — being of similar disposition — seemed to be a perfect fit."

I will never see that crop circle myself, unlike some Japanese tourists who flew in just to view it. On the other hand, I went to this Hello Kitty t-shirt exhibit in Glorietta where they had maybe a thousand DIY Hello Kitty shirts. On our way out the gallery, I spied this sequined white shirt with the label "Kitty Nadal" at just about the same time that the radio played that terrible terrible earworm "Huwag na huwag mong sasabihin." Wah. I wish we took photos, but no photos allowed. So there.

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