Wednesday, February 2

Malcolm Gladwell Day

Today is Malcolm Gladwell Day.

I promised my friend a copy of Gladwell's The Tipping Point for Christmas. I saw hardbound edition of it at National's fourth floor, but put off buying it. When I came back for it, I couldn't find it in the rubble that was National's shelves.

Mr. Gladwell would have chastised me against the procrastination and told me to get the book in that split second that I considered it. The more time you give someone to rationalize a decision, more doubts would come it and he would shy away from that gut feel decision. In this Nerve interview, Gladwell explains that our "adaptive unconscious" is more powerful than our everyday conscious decision. There is wisdom in our snap decisions.

After many searches, I finally found a copy of The Tipping Point at Powerbooks in Megamall. I spent most of today alternating between that book and excerpts from Malcolm's follow up book, Blink.

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