Wednesday, February 9

Dude, Where's Your Brain?

If you're a commuter taking any of the LRT/MRT routes, it might be best not to bring along any unlabeled CDs or DVDs. The security people have only one directive to follow: confiscate any suspicious looking (i.e., pirated) cds. Here's the e-mail warning coming from azrael:
MRT / LRT commuters advisory: dont bring any pirated vcd/cd/data cd if u plan to ride, read more hre

dont bring any pirated vcd, copy cd, data cd when you plan to ride the LRT or MRT. they are confiscating cd's unlabled and unliscensed cds. they dont care if it is a data disk for your work or files for school.. pls pass this info to avoid the situation and if ever they tried to confiscate your data cd for work/school purposes, just prepare a explanation for the importance of your data cd.

they dont even know how to identify a pirated cd/vcd or personal data cd files. if you have CD or DVD files. its best not to ride the MRT/LRT VRB has a operation in confiscating pirated media effective today

pls pass this message to warn all of our E-media data users. thanks
I first got wind of it from BnC yesterday. We were about to take the MRT at Quezon Avenue and she told me about the new directive she got in her inbox. Markmomukha mo also disses the new combat plan against piracy. Although there is a dissenting comment posted over at deviant art's journal that the said directive is actually false, Corporate Drone narrates his trouble with the authorities at the MRT Ortigas Station.

There is no official statement about this directive at the LRT site. But if you have first person accounts of it happening, I'm rather inclined to think that it's not collective paranoia. Especially now that the VRB/OMB post is troubled. They want piracy completely eradicated, and they're doing it the way they know how. Bust the commuters who bring around unlabeled cds which may or may not contain bold movies or school projects or photos from their phone cams. A cd is a cd is a pirated cd.

Then there's added buzz that soon enough it's not just The Bong and Edu Show, but rather The Bong and Edu and Daboy show. Three action stars are better than two. That's the way to solve piracy. Aren't you slimy pirates scared yet?

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