Sunday, May 9

Neal Pollack on the inherent erotic appeal of superheroine transformations. He traces his fetish to watching Lynda Carter’s Diana Prince spin around from dopey, geeky girl with glasses to the almighty Amazon Wonder Woman, who must have single handedly raised thousands of pubescent boys out of their latent sexualities in the late 70s and early 80s.

He also touches on other superheroines and a small note on Pinoy mythology and Darna, She-Ra and SailorMoon, whose transformation sequence is nearly pedophilic in quality. I mean come on, long legged girls in short skirts and then nakedness in space. While the guys oggled this, all the girls wanted to know was if Usagi would end up with Mamoru. I stopped watching when I realized I couldn’t distinguish the difference between Sailormoon R and S.

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