Wednesday, May 19

Eheads for Sale

Eheads for Sale

This is a postcript to my previous post.

So after reading about the Eheads Anthology from Cynthia's blog, I literally ran out to the nearest music and grabbed a copy just before they closed. If you buy the album, you get a free copy of Pillbox, which is "entertainment for many," if many means the Heads fans.

Anyway, I think that was the fastest decision I ever made about buying an album. I usually take days and weeks agonizing whether or not I'll actually buy or just download the tracks that I like. But no, this time I was like, "Hey it's the Heads, go!"

So I've been listening to the cd for like 2 days now, and I have "Sembreak" playing over and over in my head. Of course it helps that the summer term's nearly over and I want to charge right out and go "Whoopeee!!!" in the rain, except that I can't exactly do that or off to the doctors I go again.

The funny thing was, even during the train ride to Glorietta with Astrid on our way to the Son of a Beancurd booklaunch, the Heads were haunting me. But it's a nice kind of haunting. Makes me feel like I'm ten years younger. Feh.

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