Monday, May 10

Get me out of bed

At the unholy hour of seven in the morning, when you've barely started your REM cycle, when you've had trouble sleeping again. Then your mother comes cheerfully knocking at your door, trying to get you out of bed so you can vote.

You trudge on, and discover that the precinct in the validation papers and the real one where you're listed is different. And there's really no voter's ID to speak of. You get your ballot and sit stoically in that chair, all the people around you buzzing, a squalid mass, the squalid masa outside your window.

You list your choices. There are more blanks than there are answers. You write "none" in each of them. You drop it in the box.

The best part of the entire ordeal is when your mother gets you nilagang Japanese corn and coke on your way home to sleep.

Quick election updates: View the AMA unofficial quickcount and see Poe leading by a wee bit; and get a rundown of election news over at

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