Monday, May 17

Eheads Anthology

Beatles Eheads Anthology

Just how lsd is this cover?

The Band of my youth, the Eheads, just released a 33-track, 2-cd compilation of their works. I remember that on the first day the Cutterpillow album was released, a whole bunch of us LHS high school kids packed ourselves in a Tamaraw FX and went to The University to pass our UPCAT forms.

In other blogs, Bananaducky tells of hearing "Don't Speak" for the first time, and Tragic Kingdom first came out in her senior year. And I was a measly freshman who knew nothing better.

What a double whammy! Two signs of old age in a single blogging day.

Meanwhile, Cynthia gets bombarded with comments that she's the girl in her own designs. Was surprised to see my Frannie Wei comment in there, back when I did my 50 books blog for angas.

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