Friday, May 28

Geeks' Day Out

Geeks Day Out

Last Tuesday, Dennis swung by my dungeon around lunch time to cheer me up and free me from the deadly task of checking papers. (I had spent the weekend doing the deed and it literally made me sick.) He also lent me his copy of Last Order sa Penguin, which I borrowed when we were young and only got to me now that we’re old.

Anyway, we decided to drag Tita Arlyn with us, who came from the dentist who resurrected her gums, and Astrid, who was babysitting and could only drop by for coffee in the evening. By the time we left Munch, my formerly khaki-and-yellow clothes had become chocolate-, sauce-, and god-knows-what-else-stained. To paraphrase a former blockmate, I was back to kindergarten.

We trekked to Booksale and then to Aeon where Dennis blew his fortune by buying obnoxiously expensive books. I got my Dave Eggers, and we had to pull Tita Arlyn away from the Ray Bradbury collection. Then we headed to National and I got together notebooks and other school stuff for my friend’s backpack drive. After that we all headed back to my dungeon so I could check papers and they could cover their new books.

Just how geeky is that? We have this classmate Faye, that other boldstar from Wendell’s poetry class, who claimed we and all of our friends are geeks and we just don’t realize it. Tita Arlyn vehemently denied it: “We’re not geeks—we’re cool!”

Now if only she could she us now, red handed and clutching plastic cover sheets and our precious precious books.

Okay, if you want to read about the rest of our geeky day, you may browse through Dennis’ version.

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