Saturday, May 29

The Greatest Show on Earth. Not.

The Greatest Show on Earth. Not.

I've been trying to avoid watching Troy, since everyone's watching it, and since people are saying you won't get an iota of Homer right if you just watch this and skip the Greeks.

However, there is one motivation to watch: To see Brad Pitt, the biggest special effect this side of Hollywood after The Matrix, jump up and down wearing his tiny loincloth.

But there are already plans to watch Shrek 2 this afternoon, but not until I've finished my yey-summer's-over-yey film stack which consists of Singles (by Cameron Crowe, NOT the Mac Alejandre version), Runaway Bride and Days of Heaven. I just realized that 2 of 3 movies has Richard Gere in it, and I don't know why. I just picked out all the movies marked with the 5-day-rental sticker.

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