Thursday, April 25

Quick rundown of activities for the past couple of days:

Dragged my friend Abi, who is easily draggable -- hehe, to the screening of "Crazy" the other day. Another coming of age movie, this time the lead character is a 16 year old cripple. There was a segment where the kids were problematizing their romantic entanglements, and it was done like those picture collages in teen magazines. They also have a nice soundtrack.

Last night, Abi and I also attended the second leg of Greenbelt mall's Rhyme and Rhythms poetry reading gig. Performers included Aia de Leon of Imago, Triccia David of Sanctum, Andres Bulate whose ouvre is turning out to be a series on the "dinededma mo naman ako pero mahal na mahal kita" thread, The Godfather whose seventies swing guy take on "No Touch" was despicably evil, and Barbie Almalbis of Barbie's Cradle.

I also kept running into people I haven't seen for some time, and in all the odd places to find them. Btw, hello Mark and Petite. But all in all, quite fun.

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