Sunday, April 21

I am now officially done with college, three terms after the fact. There were only a handful of us from my college at the university graduation, compared to the near two hundred who attended last Saturday. But we had fun though, since we were just four rows and within side commenting distance from each other. This year's summa cum laude (from Molecular Biology, can you believe that?) spoke about the Pinoy diaspora, and how the government really should do something to prevent all the intellectual capital of the country from fleeing oversees, to seek better chances at improving their skills, or simply to make a decent living. Going there to study is good. But I also think they should also come back here and use what they learned, to impart their skills here. To use it so our country can get ahead. Unfortunately that doesn't happen. A lot of the really good minds are out there, fighting their battles in the wider world. Which is good. But we also need them here.

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