Saturday, April 20

Got back from the awarding ceremonies for non-winners this afternoon. It turns out I knew two of the other finalists, who took the same scriptwriting workshop as I did, different batches. I now have a new paperweight. Hehe.

Afterwards, I went to Megamall with the intention of going kikay for the coming weekend's commencement exercises, only to discover that I have absolutely no hope of ever finding out whether peach blush works well with earth toned mascara or whatever. I have no aptitude for that sort of thing. Feh. So I gave up and went over to the Shang to watch one of the films showing for German film week.

The Secret Society is about heavy women who took up sumo wrestling as a way of seeing themselves positively. The director, Imogen Kimmel was present and said a few words. It took her seven years to do the film, from concept to final cut. But that is a reasonable amount of time, considering that most of the women in the film really had to be knowledgeable and with believable skills as sumo wrestlers.

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