Tuesday, January 25

Twin beds for Twentysomethings

Douglas Coupland, author of Life After God among other things, talks g Room about his (not really) new book Eleonor Rigby and why your twenties is a good time for going mental:
You're stuck finding your own way and not quite sure who's good or evil, who's using you, "Is it me or is it the alcohol?" And in the midst of all this, you're feeling totally disconnected from a lot of people. Are you clinically depressed? No! You're just lonely, and no one told you what it was or how to identify it, the shapes or colors or forms of it, so you think you're going mental. And because people tend to hang out with people their own age, everyone around you looks great, like they all just stepped out of a shampoo commercial or something, so you think, "They couldn't possibly be experiencing all this crappy shit that's inside of me." Before you even discuss it with people, you've already shut yourself down.
I don't know about you, but I do know about me. Now some people out there in their twenties might be slap happy and, well, that's good for them. I never claimed to be a cheerful person, so there.

If there's one thing that Coupland sees as a bright thing, it's the vast unclaimed world of online dating. He claims that it eradicated loneliness by a long shot. And also, he claims that blogging is not good for writing fiction. Your paragraphs tend to be the length of a single post. A blog novel then?

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