Monday, January 10

Poets are lucky.

They can getwomen to strip all their clothes off in the middle of the road outside their house. Of course, the poet in question wasn't exactly around to enjoy the said privilege, but hey.

The photographer responsible for Munvik, which means "naked" in Viking, said that he had to take the shot really quick because they did not have a permit. (I guess he didn't have to take so much time worrying about the correct shutter speed or aperture whatnot.) Which also means that the women had to take off their clothes real fast, pose and then get dressed just as quick to avoid being carted off by the police.

D'Bodies could have used this piece of information several months back. They needed not suffer the indignation of being carted off by the police while wearing nothing but skin tone underwear and transparent raincoats had they the sense to shoot elsewhere. No need to tell them, "wag diyan."

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