Tuesday, January 4

Smart girls don't get hitched

I know some people who probably wouldn't be too thrilled to hear this, or perhaps get disencouraged by the findings of British scholars that the higher a girl's IQ, the lesser the possibility of her getting married, but that the opposite is true for boys.

The study gathered 900 men and women whose IQs were surveyed after their 11th birthdays and then visited again some 40 years later to find out if they had ever been married. According to the results, bright boys did not have any difficulties in finding their mates, but bright girls suffered the fate of not finding a man "intelligent enough" for them. On the other hand, girls who left school at sixteen had a higher probability of settling down, raising kids, and constantly bitching about the high prices of a college education for their brood.

Which brings us to that long suspected notion that Freud was probably right--all men wanted to marry their mums, and then this: "IQ measurements are frightfully judgmental, but it is true that men do not want women more intelligent than themselves. It bolsters their position if their partner is not too challenging.” A true debacle in any case, since the post-feminist times we now live in is a constant battle between women wanting independence and yet retaining that "nourishing" (for lack of a better word) dependency that women used to enjoy in marriage.

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