Thursday, July 8

Spider-Man 2

I went out to see Spider-Man 2 a week after I saw the first movie. I thought it was great, better than X-Men United. Then again, I see the sequels first and watch the previous installments on video. Now I don't see myself as a comic book expert, so this is my pedestrian opinion. Then here comes another opinionated piece:
Calling the new Spider-Man film the best comic-book movie ever made — and it is, without a doubt, the best comic-book movie ever made — is a little like calling a Chicken McNugget the best processed fast-food poultry product ever produced. It's praise, but how substantial can the praise really be, given the source?
Well, sure. But since I don't have any basis for comparison, I'll just take the movie as it is. And I liked it. I liked the fight scene on the train, and liked the crowdsurfing even better. I even like the goofy parts where Spidey makes a Bb Pilipinas-slash-Underworld pose in the last moments of the movie.

Or maybe I just like the movie because it's Tobey Maguire and his hero is more earthy. He's not perfect, he's always late, he's undependable. He's not Superman, and he's just a kid still. He can't even shoot webs right when he needs them the most. He gets depressed. He lives in a dump. He's broke. He's just your regular Joe. Maybe that's it. I like my heroes with muddy feet.

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