Monday, July 19

Bangkok Quest

I have a new goal in life: I will go to Bangkok next month, just in time for my birthday.
No, no, this doesn't have anything to do with seeing the trailer to Bangkok Haunted 2: The Unborn, nor has it anything to do with NMNN.* I just figured I should do something spectacular next month. I don't have travel partners, and I don't know if there's wisdom in looking for one in Fwendster. Plus the day after my birthday is a holiday if you're in QC, and that frees up a very long weekend for me. I've asked some friends, but they're all busy launching new shows. Natch. But see here, I think I'll go whether or not I have someone to go with.
I was looking for my 25 before 25 list and I know I've only ticked off just a few. I've been wanting to go out of the country for years, and when I make plans they don't always push through. So I have to make this work.
I was talking to my friend W on ym, he's in London. He might stay there if he gets a job, which means I will no longer have contacts in Bangkok after September. I'll make the most of his last days there, before he highs it off to Europe.
I haven't been this excited over anything for months. I really just need something to look forward to. I'm crossing all my fingers.
*Translated: No more nyowa nights. Don't ask.  

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