Sunday, March 21

The machines don’t forget.+

And online, according to this NYTimes article, we lie less. Whatever you’ve said, even if it was a trillion years ago, it would still be reflected once you hit the “Reply” button. Automatic quotations of your words, outbursts made in anger or conspiratorial electronic equivalents of whispers. Perhaps in the machine age, everything will be remembered and none forgotten. We will finally conquer that curse, via Kundera, that man’s struggle is that against forgetting.

Apropos: In the age of Friendster and other online community building tools, Biz Stone declares that Blogger actually is “Push Button Networking For the People.

Now I would have been kinder to this claim if not for Booger constantly bugging me lately with disappearing posts, which is especially annoying if you type your post directly in that post box and hit click without saving it elsewhere and then poof! Your thoughts eliminated from cyberspace.

But yeah, credit where credit is due. Met a lot of interesting people through the ole blog, and it keeps me connected to friends and acquaintances whom I haven’t seen in a while. Was surprised last week when someone from my writers group asked me about the accident she read about in my blog. Was actually touched that people do read (or “stalk,” as the case may be) other people’s blogs. And so this shoutout goes to her, whose blog I don’t even know the URL yet.

+It’s oh so Blade Runner, don’t you think?

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