Thursday, March 25

kantogirl blog is not kantogirlblues.

I have a doppelganger.

I was looking at my referrers list and I noticed an entry for kantogirl+blog. I followed the links, naturally, and it took me to this blog, which has a grand total of 3 entries in the last several months. Mostly incomprehensible rants about a thesis deadline, and s/he calls herself Testes, of all things. Well, that definitely is not me.

I can think of a few possibilities: (1) The girl, whoever she is, is not aware that another parallel blog exists. But she's either distracted by the thesis deadline or just tried out blogging out of boredom and quickly got bored by it as well; (2) The girl or whoever is behind it is trying to impersonate me. Which sounds very narcissistic, I know. But you can never can tell, sabi nga ni Ate Vi; (3) The girl discovered there is another kantogirl, and thus she stopped blogging and is now cowering in fear.

Ha! I wish. But I just want to make it clear that Testes is not me. My, what a horrible nom de plume, if ever I came across one.

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