Sunday, March 28

Belat, dahil di kayo talo.

Just found this while browsing Inq7's You section:
I still can't believe what I see
"Miss, is this seat taken?" he asked with a grin
I shook my head, "No, it's yours to sit in"
he smiled and politely said, "Thank you"
as my cheeks blushed and turned red in hue
then, all of a sudden, I was taken aback
oh by a bad streak of fate, it was just not my luck
he took the chair, carried it with those strong arms of his
and to my shock, he placed it next to his miss
whose looks were his equal, whose face as good as his own
I just couldn't accept it, I gave out a loud moan
he was sitting behind me, he was sitting next to you
that the two of you were gay lovers, I didn't have a clue.
Can you say bad Ponds commercial rip off?

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